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An image of a black and white, cartoon girl on a white background, crying into a handkerchief with up-turned, tear-drop shapes above her head in gold, blue, yellow, and brown, and more. This manual collage, titled
LL#07: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Soft With Pleasure (to get going again)
By Rasa Estee - 27 October 2023 --- I know from experience that this approach works for me for over a decade, but I still forget. You see, while it's been the more effective approach for me, contrary to expectations, the path of soften...
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LL#06: That's What She Said (While Blushing And All)
By Rasa Estee - 02 September 2023 --- I imagine that'd be what my former intimate partners often say if/when telling stories about our interactions. If you're wondering what, why, and how, I even managed to say what I said with my tend...
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An image of a man with his back facing front, wearing a WW II Marine uniform, making a phone call with the word HELLO above him on a background of mostly pink-colored old stamps with men, butterflies, and animals on them. This manual collage, titled
LL#05: What You Said That One Time
By Rasa Estee - 21 August 2023 --- What you said that one time to someone could not only shift a previously-stagnant intimate situation for the better, but also last with them for the longest time. That's great and all... but also a bit overwhel...
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LL#04: How To Bed-Talk WWE-style
By Rasa Estee - 31 July 2023 --- What I'm about to tell you is a real practice that I do whenever I'm hit with a case of hyper-vigilance and hyper-protectiveness during intimate and/or sexual interactions which is giving and receiving compliments int...
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an image of a mostly light blue and light pink collage with an image of a femme-presenting and masculine-presenting persons having a bubble bath. 16 June 2020. Manual Collage. Art by Vantiani.
LL#03: In Defense of Blushing, Compliments, and WWE
By Rasa Estee - 07 July 2023 --- Let me tell you now, in all honesty (and in case we've yet to meet IRL), that my succulence is pretty much on the anxious and awkward side of the spectrum. I'm easily embarrassed by a cornucopia of...
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an image of a browning musical sheet with tear-shaped details in blue, yellow and dark red coming out of an image of a man wearing dessert tunic. Pretty Messiah, 2009. Manual Collage. Art by Vantiani.
LL#02: The Perfect Yum vs. The Yum-For-Now
By Rasa Estee - 16 June 2023 --- I'm all for you and I having the best of things during our time on this rock. Honestly, though, a lot of the times (and I mean A LOT), I could really do just quite well with the yum-for-now. (At this point,...
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That Dog Who Got Away #1,  2017.  Manual Collage. Art by Vantiani
LL#01: The First One MUST Be The Best One!
By Rasa Estee - 02 June 2023 --- That was my line of thought about this first edition of Lush Letters FOR MONTHS. Once again, I'm forgetting that many, if not most, first times in this life often leave so much to be desired. (Just like...
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