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My Website Collaborators

These are the amazing professionals with whom I’m beyond lucky to be collaborating on this website (and on other feminist shenanigans!)

The Collage Artist.

All the gorgeous artwork adorning this site are handmade collages by the Jakarta-based, international artist, curator, and crafter, Ika Vantiani (she/her).

For over a decade, her art continues to explore the idea of being a woman in today’s society and how it intertwines with media and consumption. In 2018, she co-created an installation art that launched a campaign to challenge the Bahasa Indonesia dictionary entry for ‘woman’. This manifold wonder is also my sister! Thanks so much, Luv!

The Storytelling Coach.

Eva Fernandes (she/her) is a Pro-Justice Storytelling Coach and Thought Partner.

She helps social justice conscious entrepreneurs, leaders & visionaries share the truth, wisdom and power of their life experiences without sounding cheesy, contrived or clueless.

Without her, my website copy will remain hidden and my entire site unfinished. Thank you, Eva!

Free Resources by me for you. Enjoy!

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Resources for the Disabled Community.

Resources for the LGBTQIA2S++ Community.

Other Professionals I Recommend.


I will keep adding to this list once I’ve read a book completely or enough to immediately recommend it.

When possible, please order your copies from your local independent bookstores like this one.

Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Other Media List.

This list is based on media type instead of subject, and I’ll keep adding once I’ve actually sampled it and can recommend it.

When it feels right, kindly appreciate, follow, give credit and/or payment when reposting and sharing.

Please be mindful of your own safety and others when sharing private and vulnerable information online.

Thank you for taking good care of yourself and others!

Ethical Porn.