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What My Clients Say

These are what several of my clients said about working with me. These words were requested and given with consent, and edited and condensed for brevity. I hope they give you a glimpse of the kind of container we could co-create together. Thank you for keeping in mind that we are all gloriously unique and complex humans — there are no cookie-cutter results.

“I was looking for answers to a very vague question about my role in my sexual and romantic encounters, and not finding a way to start with it.

From the first introductory session, I immediately had the feeling to be clearly understood in my needs, which Estee could surprisingly easily “translate” into words giving me the sensation I had finally something I could work on. I could finally see a practicable path with an experienced and intuitive guide, such a relief!"

-- Antonella D, 43, Italy, May - August 2019

“You have a very warm and welcoming way of connecting.

You weren't scared to go deep. I imagine a coach could get away with a much simpler session, but you really went the extra mile and that is were I experienced the most healing/learning.

The testicle massages helped with rewiring pleasure, which is exactly what I was looking for. Honestly, I always knew that my emotions are frequently blocked and understood the source of it lies in childhood stuff, but I never sat down and confronted the problem.”

-- HP, 36, Sweden, October 2018

“It is a bit difficult to think what you can improve when I had a great over all experience. I did like that you were giving me my space, not being pushy/not rushing me to do the practices in a timely manner but still will check on me if I go silent for a little longer and in that way without even knowing would be motivate me.

I strongly believe you have the ability to read people better than themselves (at lest that was the case with me). Helping me to discover my Sexy Calm (M) is definitely having a bigger ripple effect of how I see myself and gives me more confidence.

I am very grateful for your dedication, encouragement, support and guidance and believing in me. I can definitely say signing up for your program is one of my best decisions for this year and am strongly recommending you as a coach to anyone who is feeling the need to rediscover what a sexual thriving for themselves is.”

-- MZ, 33, The Netherlands, June - August 2019

“I came to Estee seeking to be a longer-lasting lover as well as to be coached more on the female anatomy as I needed some help in that department, and she did a great job. She even helped me have some epiphanies regarding certain events in my life.

I have been in therapy for other things going on in life, and she made my experience hands down the closest I’ve ever felt with a therapist. By close, I mean feeling safe and having complete trust talking with someone. She is so nurturing and pays attention to every detail, and that’s what got me hooked.

She recommended me to do some primal breathing in front of the mirror and these exercises brought out a fire in me!!! It made me feel more passionate towards my fiancée and as a man in general. Doing these exercises daily replaced drinking coffee and put on this new high for life!

I reached all of my goals and my partner was very happy with the results of my sex coaching. I wish more people knew about her. Thank you so much Estee for creating an environment where I felt safe and was able to express myself to you.”

-- Juan C, 32, USA, January-March 2020

“Perhaps, more valuable is her light hearted, joyful and pleasant manner. I always felt she listened to me without judgment and haste. She waits, listens and then she drops some serious wisdom when she summarizes her interpretation of the situation.

Perhaps, what I appreciate about working with Estee is she helped me access another path to self-love and compassion. While on the surface it seemed like I was getting romantic relationship advice--what we were co-creating was a deeper and richer relationship of my self with myself.

Work with Estee if you are thinking about it - she will change your life. Due to my own familial cultural background, I choose to remain anonymous. Still if you wish to speak to me before going ahead with this, do ask Estee to put you in touch with me over email.”

-- Anonymous, Dubai, 2018.

“Through the exercises we did in sessions and over the weeks as homework, we really changed my built-in beliefs around the attachment of money to my value as a man. This is something I have been working on for years and Estee was able help me improve the limiting thoughts I have around this.

I also appreciate the safe space that she created to allow for openly exploring and verbalizing my thoughts and feelings.”

-- RP, 38, Canada, October 2018

"I had such a wonderful experience with Estee. I've paid for so many hours and years of therapy, and I felt like in 2 sessions with Estee, we had gone to deeper, more meaningful, and more useful areas than any of my therapists ever got to.

The best thing about working with Estee is that you ultimately receive practical tools to use in your day-to-day life. You can actually integrate what you are learning, and see the results.

Estee is very involved and supportive. We used accountability logs which really helped me keep practicing the tools, and I loved reading her responses. They were encouraging and enlightening, and I could tell she really cared about my progress and understood where I was at. During our sessions, I felt Estee was very present, and it was clear she was invested in me.

I highly recommend her as a coach! Thank you so much Estee!"

-- CJ, 31, USA, July - September 2019.

“Before the sessions, I had no experience with men’s sexuality coaching. I have always been a sexual man and I was looking to connect sexuality with spirituality.

I wanted to master creating epic love with a woman, and now find more meaning in sex, something that goes beyond sexual attraction and gives more meaning to love. I am more aware of my body and my sexual energy. After learning testicle massage, it has helped me to feel more self love and to feel more sensations in my body.

I experienced Estee as someone who is deeply connected and safe to be vulnerable with. She was able to meet me where I was and modify as needed. She is also incredibly resourceful, non-judgmental, very charismatic and pleasant to work with.

I was challenged at times with the meditations and the daily practices, but I am glad that I was able to follow through with Estee’s support. I felt a lot of self love and gratitude for the growth process.

The thing that surprised me the most is that I could experience orgasm without ejaculation. I feel very lucky to have been part of this program and I would highly recommend it to someone who is looking to go deeper in their own sexuality.”

-- KT, 30 , USA , October-December, 2020

“I enjoyed my time spent with Estee during my coaching sessions. What I liked the most was her approach, whilst being professional was personal at the same time.

It was my first experience with a sex coach, so I was not sure what to expect. But the sessions were an exploration, and I found the exercises helpful to rethink and re-feel a few issues that I felt I needed some help with.

I love the element of a daily practice and I did feel quite pampered to have a personalized summary sent to me, it was like having a personal trainer!

Overall the experience was enriching. I felt uplifted during the sessions, and the tools help me make my own stake in claiming my own power and pleasure too.”

-- RF, 32, USA, October 2018