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How to Book Your Discovery Session

#1 Before Booking

Please read through all the information related to the program you feel drawn to (including the FAQ and Coaching Disclaimer and Waiver). Take your own sweet time for discernment. Feel for a clear sense of curiosity and enthusiasm in your mind and body. They could be helpful signs to proceed.

#2 Opt to Make a Donation

It's optional. If you'd like to appreciate 2 hours of my time, you can opt to donate what-you-can to any of these non-profits: Kopernik (Indonesia), UNICEF IndiaThe Bail Project (US), or drop $$$ into My Tip Jar. Save your digital receipt. (And then come back to this page to continue with booking.)

#3 Booking Your Session

Pick a date and time on the Calendar and follow the instructions. You’ll receive an email with your Zoom link and materials to prepare you for the session. Hit reply, attach your donation receipt, and send. That’s it!

(Your booking is only valid once I received your donation receipt.)

Pre-Booking FAQs

Discovery Session Calendar

A Discovery Session is ...


Time, energy, attention, and funds are precious resources. Yours and mine. This session is our chance to check if we’re a good fit BEFORE investing in a months-long coaching journey.


It is a spacious, 2-hour Zoom video session where we collaborate to map out your desires and goals. I get to check and let you know if I’m the right professional for you.


It’s where I could directly share a draft program to address your specific needs. You’ll get to ask me EVERYTHING you need to know to make a grounded and enthusiastic decision.